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Image result for pokerAre you bored to see that rivals take a long time to decide? Would you like to stop waiting for the rivals to finish the hand when you have already thrown your cards? Would not it be great that when you finish one hand you can start immediately with another?

SNAP Poker

Your wishes have become reality. We present SNAP Poker, the fastest poker mode. Hundreds of hands per hour. But do not be scared, you do not have to learn anything new. It’s Texas Hold’em without limit (link to NLH page in, the same game you know, but with a small variety.

Immediate change of table

Whether playing tournaments or cash games, in SNAP Poker, when you pull your hand, you immediately appear at another table with new players. Even if you already know that you are going to throw away before the rivals act, you have the Immediate Withdrawal button, with which you immediately drop and appear at a new table.

How does it work


In our application you will see a tab that says SNAP, by clicking there you will have access to the SNAP window with cash games and tournaments.


You can select cash games or tournaments. Let’s start with the cash.

SNAP Poker cash games

In cash games, unlike normal games, you do not play at a single table; You are within the group of players that want to play SNAP. So, at your table, any of the players that are in this group can appear.

Once you join the group, and you select the amount of money you want to play with, you will be seated at a table.

From there everything is the same as any online cash table. There are blinds, buttons, you can bet, withdraw, raise, pay … The only difference is that when you withdraw from a hand, they change your table immediately, you do not have to wait for the hand to end. At the same time you press the fold button, you will appear at a new table with new rivals that you will have to face.

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SNAP Poker Tournaments

In the tournaments everything is more like a normal tournament, because you are used to being changed. But in this case, the table changes are continuous. You’ll jump from one table to another every time you finish a hand, or hit the fold button.

Obviously, when the final table is reached, there will be no more table changes, and it will be played like any other tournament.

And do not worry if you like to play tournaments, that all tournament information is available. You can see the chips of each of the rivals, the structure of the event, tournament average, prizes, etc.

The Immediate Withdrawal button

The Immediate Withdrawal button

This is probably the most interesting option. They give you two disastrous cards, which you already know you’re not going to play. And you see how the rivals are taking a long time to act. And you want to throw yourself away and not have to wait for those slow rivals to act. So you click on the “Immediate withdrawal” button. This causes two things to happen at the same time, depending on the point of view of the play you have.

From your point of view, you go to a new table with new rivals where you start a new hand. If you are playing a tournament, you will start the hand with the corresponding blinds and if it is a cash game they will follow the same blinds and you will carry the same stack.

From the point of view of the rivals. Nothing. The rivals do not know if you have thrown or are waiting to climb. Nothing will happen at the table until your turn arrives. At that moment, it is when, in the eyes of the rivals at the table, you withdraw from your hand.

The Retreat button and look

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And if you like to know what happens at the table. You do not have to stay waiting. The “Retreat and look” button makes you open a new table where you keep playing, but the table where you are is not closed, it stays open so you can see the result of the hand.

As you can see, it is the best option to throw a few hands of Texas Hold’em in those days that you do not have much time and do not want to be waiting for the rest of the players to act.

Take control of your game and do not depend on others. Play SNAP Poker.

Paul Perkins

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