Tricks to play the lottery intelligently

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Tricks to play the lottery intelligently

The lottery is a worldwide phenomenon that comes every year and floods thousands of people who dream of that prize. In our country, the most important is Christmas . Most Spaniards end up playing the lottery, although they remain skeptical about the idea of ​​playing them. The chance that we win is 1 out of 13,983,816. But if everyone plays at work, how can I not play? This is the most listened argument.

Although luck is the key factor, then we expose a series of tips. Since you are going to play , increase your chances of winning!

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Is there a mathematical method to increase the chances of winning?

We have all heard stories about mathematical methods to win in casinos, a real example is Los Pelayos. But unfortunately there is no method of these characteristics to play the lottery . Or if?

In 2005 a group of mathematics students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) came up with the key to win a draw called Cash Win Fall in a totally legal way. This draw has the particularity that the boat does not accumulate indefinitely. When it exceeds 2 million dollars , it is distributed among the participants who have guessed three, four or five of the six possible numbers

The students invested a great amount in acquiring tickets, tripling their investment in the first week. Although it was a difficult and tedious method that aimed to force the boat. They managed to shoot the ticket sales, so that the boat reached 2 million dollars. After this was shared as usual with the difference that most were students at MIT.

Due to the controversy that arose the draw ended up disappearing, but the students captured their story in a book: The perfect bet (The perfect bet).

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Basic tips for playing the lottery

This case is difficult to extrapolate to the Spanish reality because there are no draws of this type. However, a man named Richard Lustig in the United States won up to seven times the conventional lottery . This makes us wonder: Were you really lucky? In 2014, he decided to write the book Learn how to investigate your chances of winning the lottery . In which he analyzes how he achieved such a feat. The book has many tips and anecdotes among which these three stand out:

  • Play the lottery always with the same combination by choosing the numbers personally.
  • The more you spend the more you earn.
  • If we play Rasca Y Gana, buy several tickets from the same pile .

We are confident that this information can help you become the next lucky one. May luck be with you!


Paul Perkins

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