What is the probability of winning the lottery?

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From the Christmas raffle to the day of Kings we have all dreamed of winning the lottery. Or at least we have imagined that we are likely to win it. Depending on the numbers the possibilities can be up to one in a million.

The fortune of the lottery, however, is that you are more likely to win it than to have a lightning strike or to die in a plane crash. And who can win the lottery? Well, the players!

In Mexico, the National Lottery for Public Assistance is the dependent office of the Ministry of the Interior in charge of organizing and regulating the different draws and game alternatives that occur throughout the Republic. Here also the contests known as Forecasts are managed.

As the name implies, all these raffles are designed so that with the collection they get to support the most needy and poor people in our country. Although there are different draws, it is better to consider those that help the most needy.

What sweepstakes are there in Mexico?

The draws promoted by the National Lottery are the following: Major, Ten, Superior, Zodiac, Special Zodiac, Great, Special and the famous Christmas Gordo. Who has not dreamed of hitting the fat?

How much can you earn?

Depending on the prize you choose and the number of series you buy, and of course, if your number is the winner, you can take up to 200 million pesos: this is the Christmas Gordo , one of the most coveted of the year for the lottery fans.

Now, to win the prize of that category you would have to acquire the four series of the same for a cost of $ 800 thousand pesos. Only two of the series can contain the winning number that makes you win the prize of 200 million.

Then there is the Great Draw that takes place in the months of March and May for an accumulated of 217 million 87 pesos. The winning amount of the jackpot is $ 75 million pesos and can be credited to the same people who buy three series with a value of $ 6000 pesos and whose number is the winner.

Twice a year, on September 15 and December 31, the jackpot is $ 100 million pesos to celebrate National Independence and the End of the Year.

The special raffle takes place month after month and has a greater prize of $ 25 million pesos of the accumulated of $ 72 million 126 thousand pesos. This ticket is divided into two series whose total value is $ 2000 thousand pesos.

In addition, on January 6, Kings Day, and December 12 day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the two special editions of this draw are commemorated. The Main Draw takes place on a weekly basis and has an accumulated of $ 54 million 875 thousand 100 pesos that are allocated in three series.

If you buy the three with a value of 1,500 pesos, you can be creditor to the jackpot for $ 18 million pesos as long as you have the winning number.

The Superior draw gives a greater prize for $ 15 million pesos to anyone who acquires 2 series with a value of $ 1500 pesos and whose number turns out to be the winner. The total accumulated of this draw that takes place on a weekly basis is 43 million 275 thousand 600 pesos.

The Special Zodiac takes place on a monthly basis and has an accumulated of $ 37 million of 224 thousand 500 pesos distributed in series with a value of $ 500 pesos. If you buy a complete series you can be creditor to the jackpot of $ 10 million pesos as long as one of the numbers in the series is the winner.

The Draw of Ten also delivers a prize of $ 10 million pesos, only distributed in two series with a value of $ 400 pesos the complete series.

The Zodiac is performed on a weekly basis and has an accumulated for $ 19 million 962 thousand 700 pesos. This prize is also distributed in a single series whose value is $ 300 pesos and whose top prize is $ 6 million pesos if the number you won is in the series you bought.

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It seems easy, does not it?

Well, let’s take for example the best raffle of all: the Christmas Gordo. This raffle carries 80 thousand numbers or bills that are printed from 00000 to 80000. Each of the numbers is accommodated in the famous series that are the set of 20 cachitos or bills with the same number printed on them.

Why do they have the same number? Each piece , also known as fraction or twentieth, is one of the 20 parts that make up a series so they represent one of the twenty parts of the prize. That’s why the biggest prizes are given to people who buy more than one complete series, generally.

If you only have two of the twenty parts that make up a series then the prize is shared among those who have other pieces of the winning number.

To collect that prize, which is not the largest, but that has part of the accumulated for that draw you have to request a refund . This amount is the return of the same amount you invested when buying your cachitos.

Withdrawals are determined by the tickets whose last digit is equal to the last digit of the Grand Prize. Also, as the case may be, refunds of the tickets whose last digit is equal to that of the second and third main prizes are made.

If you are the winner of a grand prize you have up to a year to go to the National Lottery offices in Mexico City and collect your money. Withdrawals do not generate taxes but the biggest prizes do.

This tax is known as “Raffles and Sweepstakes” and the National Lottery is responsible for handing it over to local and federal authorities upon receipt. The 1% of the prize corresponds to the Federal Government while the percentage that each state of the Republic sets in its legislation must also be deducted from the prize.

Is it okay to play the lottery?

Many people are fond of this game of chance that since the law has managed to conquer many. Some people have been playing for years and collecting reimbursements or prizes for smaller amounts. Many others, try once and hit the first.

The reality is that whatever the type of player, you can not stay all your life thinking that you can win the lottery or at least, that you should invest in it until you get it.

It can be a fun pastime that provokes a lot of emotion, it can leave you wanting to play more, but the difference is that you should not allow it to become an addiction. Crude reality is that playing the lottery is not making an investment and to a large extent it is throwing the money in broken bag and losing it.

If you decide to play the lottery, do it just as a hobby, but never as something that really matters to you because you think it will help you get out of debt, or make a house (or many houses) and a car (or many cars).

The best thing you can do is dedicate yourself to playing the lottery of good finances at home. If you have goals to achieve, achieve it with the efforts of your work, with savings, with good expense management and with the necessary financial help.

Feel free to request a loan from a recognized financial institution so that you can meet your goals and cope with the day to day. And try to play the lottery once a year: that does not hurt!



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