ABC Poker: the basics

Image result for poker basics for beginnersPoker is a game of deception and bluffing. It requires ability to be unpredictable, handle rivals, prepare traps and avoid danger. Anyway, between so much trap and dodge, you can get to forget the basics of poker, a game that is basically quite simple. The basic strategy of poker is necessary no matter what level you are playing and it is worthwhile to review it, whether you are new or a player who has been several years.

Here you have, so that you read it for the first time or return to it from time to time the basic ideas to play poker well. These are the foundations on which you can build more advanced concepts such as floating or the semifarol. If you are doing advanced moves but can not explain why a check-raise is the right move in a particular situation, then it is time to familiarize yourself with these fundamental ideas. Read, assimilate and return to the tables with strength.

1. Selection of hands

You have probably read that poker is a game of people and not of cards. To a certain extent, this is true, but it does not mean that you should ignore the strength of your hand and put yourself as a beast when “some fish” does not put you in the monster you have tried to represent. Would not it be better if you present a strong hand and still get the rivals to pay your bets? If you have a solid opening range, including pairs, large aces and some color connector; you will flip flops, you will have a better hand than the rivals with weak aces and you will be rewarded with the odd big pot. At lower levels this is usually necessary for you to have a continuous benefit.

2. Strong hand = strong bet

When you have a strong hand it is very tempting to try to catch the rivals by going to see if they bet on you. There are right times to bet, particularly against aggressive players, but normally you should bet your strong hands. If you have pocket aces or kings, why are you limping and letting the big blind win you by beating something on the flop? If you know that you are winning with your doubles on the flop, why do you pass and give the opponent the option to win? Also, why do not you want to put more chips in the pot when you have a strong hand? The boats that have more chances to win are those in which you have a very strong hand and another player has a project or a good hand, but worse than yours. Do not miss the opportunity to feed the boat from the beginning or you will regret not having won more chips.

If you do not know how much to bet, a normal amount is something in between and the full pot. As a general rule you have to bet more how many more players are in the hand and how complicated are the cards of the table (for example if there are projects of color or ladder).

Do not ever forget that, even if it is tempting, playing a strong hand slowly is the quickest way to lose chips.

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3. Position, position, position

The power of the position in No Limit is never valued enough. There is an important reason why all the strategic guidelines recommend playing the best hands from the first positions and avoid paying increases when there are people left to talk. The earlier the position in which you enter the hand, the more likely it is that you play without position; which puts you at an important disadvantage because you will have to make your decisions before your opponents. The closer you are to the button, the later you will speak in the following streets and the more information you will have from the hands of the rivals before making your decision.

Avoid paying in the blind with weak hands justifying you for having money already in hand. It may seem like a cheap way to see the flop, but you will have to play the whole hand without a position and without knowing the strength of the rivals hand. Many fortunes and many tournaments have been lost in this way. The position is paramount in Texas Hold’em without limit and the moment you forget it is the moment when you start to lose.

4. Know the odds

Playing poker well is not preparing complicated lanterns of several streets, it is paying when you have the right odds to do it, throwing yourself when you do not have them and making rivals pay when they should not. You can check-raises or float, but if you do not know the pot odds you’ll never know if you’re betting the correct amount or not, and this includes when you’re representing a hand you do not have.

If you can only do one thing, learn how to work with pot odds and start using them. On the flop count the number of outs you think you have to complete a winning hand and multiply that number by four to know the percentage of times you will complete it on the turn or on the river; or multiply by two to know the percentage that the next card is the one you need. Some numbers that you are interested in knowing is that you have nine outs for the color project, eight for the two-pronged ladder and four for the triple ladder.

5. Litter less, earn more

When you start playing poker it’s easy to think that the game is about bluffing and watching tells, that’s what they show you on television continuously. But this is not so. The television looks for the most spectacular lanterns and the largest boats, this can make you believe that it bluffs more than what actually happens. Bluffing is one more strategy, and when it is used it is because you have a good reason. You have to assess the situation, taking into account the number of players in the hand, your image in the hand and if your bets are telling a credible story.

6. Banking

It’s not much fun to talk about banking, but it’s not something you can not ignore. If you play at a higher bet level than you can afford, you will enter a tilt, explode and have a bad time at the tables. The same thing you think you can win at the table of € 2 / € 4, and it may be that your results certify it, but if you’re not able to avert a losing streak in which you lose five boxes, then you’re playing at a level in the that you should not There is nothing wrong in lowering the limit to the one in which you are comfortable. If you are able to win € 2 / € 4 then you will also win € 0.25 / € 0.50. Do not be one of those who believe that they can only win at high levels. A good poker player adapts to all the tables and levels. Have a solid base and see growing as your bank does, this is the essence of banking management.

7. Image on the table

Your image on the table betrays every action you take while playing. If you have raised prefop and go all-in on the flop, your opponent’s decision depends on the range of meek you think you have and how you would play it. If you have been playing tight, you will be pulled out of most hands, whereas if you have played supergressive you will pay with a much wider range. The image on the table, both yours and that of your rivals is something to study and take advantage of. (Although this concept disappears if the opponent is not paying attention)

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8. Reasons

Have a reason for every play you make. Do you spend to pay, pull or upload? If you bet, are you going to pay if they raise you? Before you pre-flop with 9c-10c, ask yourself what you want to achieve. Are you going to attack the flop if a passive player pays, but before a tight player you are only going to bet if leagues? Is there a short player in chips with whom you are committed if you go all-in? It is important to start thinking about what other players may have, without putting them in a particular hand, and try to think what they think you have. If you doubt, go back to ABC poker because most players, especially at lower levels, play with their cards face up.


The pros and cons of the life of the professional poker player.

Image result for professional poker player Poker can be an incredible way to make a living, but that does not mean it’s easy or realistic. You can watch the video of Kara Scott and Rupert Elder and you will understand why.


At the beginning of this book, we briefly mentioned how television programs and the media in general have glorified the poker player and have made it a dream to be a player and lead their lifestyle. That’s good because many players without training believe they can achieve that lifestyle without spending time or effort. However, we have come here insisting that a poker player does not always enjoy everything and it’s “fun and laughter”. While there will be many great moments, the lifestyle of a poker player is truly that of a hard worker and you need a really hard routine to perform.

In this section, we will focus on showing the pros and cons of the professional poker player in terms of their lifestyle, helping you to fully understand what you should expect in the event that you become a professional.

Introduction | How to become a professional poker player

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Let’s now analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this lifestyle that we want to show, the lifestyle of the professional poker player.

1. Advantages of being a poker professional:

  • Choose your own schedule: being a poker player means you have to be your own boss: we can choose when to play, what game, what mode, when to take a vacation … Having these options is a luxury. Ultimately, being able to choose when you play means you have complete freedom in how you want to spend your workday.
  • Do something you like: almost every professional poker player has a deep love and passion for the game. Even through the difficult times, which they experience along the way, the love for poker always draws them back to him. Doing something you love every day (that is, playing poker) can have a very satisfying impact on your life.
  • Good economic income: most people are employees of a company and have financial compensation dictated by their superiors or by the State. Being your own boss as a poker player, however, you have more control over the amount of money you are going to make. How much (or how) you play will also have a direct influence on your income.
  • Huge possibilities of success and impact in your sector: it can be an incredible feeling to be able to say that you have earned more money in a day than what most people earn in a year. This is a very real possibility with the structure of payments and prizes accumulated in certain tournaments. These great winnings also bring fame and notoriety: Winning poker titles can be an achievement and you can have a very prestigious and satisfying career.
  • Age does not matter. Whether you’re young or old, anyone can play poker and play well. Players can start at any age and work quickly to develop strategies and skills that turn them into professionals.
  • Freedom in decision-making: having freedom of action in many facets is an incredible feeling. The freedom that poker offers is worth it.

2) Disadvantages of being a poker professional:

  • It can be exhausting in many ways: above all, when you are suffering from an episode of bad luck (negative variance) or a constant hand of mediocre hands or sessions, we can suffer psychological exhaustion. And is that mental fatigue and lack of constant concentration are necessary to make optimal decisions for each game.
  • You may be losing days, weeks, months or years: just as there will be good days in poker, there will also be bad, even very bad ones. It is in these bad days when the management of our way of being will be an important factor in determining how disciplined we are as a successful long-term poker player. When it is lost it is especially important that we stay mentally strong.
  • Your environment and your family may be against this decision: as the game of poker becomes a dedication, our parents and family members can oppose it outright. Society does not fully approve of poker as a lifestyle. Without this support, there may be a strong negative impact on our career.
  • It is easy to lose our social life: this is especially true for online poker professionals since we will be many hours in the solitude of our house. You should try to make an effort to maintain a healthy social life: your physique and your mind will thank you.
  • It is complicated to have a predictable and ordered life: poker can affect the development of work or training skills. Playing extra-long sessions, being constantly studying, watching poker videos, reviewing hand histories, and discussing poker with other players make us targets for not having free time: we must prevent poker from taking control of our lives.
  • Sedentary: this is similar to what happens with office work and serves both the online game and the presecial. This sedentary lifestyle can be very unhealthy and we must face it by getting the right amount of exercise and eating the right foods every day to keep your mind and body in sync to play good poker.

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As you can see, becoming professional or taking poker as something much more serious depends 100% on you. The game has no secrets. You need time to discover them and a strong enough personality to make the right decisions, stay disciplined, motivated and focused. In this way you will have a professional or semi-professional player career.


How to dress to succeed in poker

The original idea of ​​the clothes was to use it to warm up. The primary purpose of clothing used to be to keep your pecker warm. But suddenly, the choice of your appearance became more important than the choice of food. Style was everything. The clothes became emblematic. The sex symbols became showcases.

And the psychology arrived.

Image result for clothes to wear when playing poker

Are you what you wear?

Did you know that if you wear a Superman shirt you feel stronger?

If you think it is nonsense, the journalist and writer AJ Jacobs, lived for a whole year following all the rules of the Bible, including not wearing anything that was not white, and habitually dressed like Jesus Christ because it made him happier and purer .

Does it matter if you think you’re wearing a doctor’s coat? According to a 2013 article that appeared in the “Journal of Experimental Social Psychology,” yes. The research team discovered more attention when they thought they wore a doctor’s gown instead of a painter’s gown.

Another study

The hotel chain Holiday Inn Express, conducted a survey among its customers and found that 90% believed that getting handsome to work mattered.

What if poker is your profession?

Can the choice of your clothes make you win some big blind more per hour?

Image result for clothes to wear when playing poker

Style when dressing and style when playing poker

We have assembled ten of the most fashionable po jugadoreser players and we have asked them to gossip about their hobbies with fashion, and this is what they have told us.

What you wear when you play poker affects your image to the point that people change their way of playing against you?

A surprising 90% believe that the way of dressing at the poker table has to do with the way in which the opponent plays against you. But most of the pros insisted that it only has relevance when faced with recreational and not pro against pro.

“Your appearance at the table affects the way rivals play against you,” says the nominee of one of the top ten players of the Global Poker Index decade, Shannon Shorr. “We all make unconscious conjectures about each other with the little information available, and the appearance influences. “

The way you dress has such relevance that some pros wear clothes to confuse their rivals into thinking they are weaker than they really are.

“I wear a wool cap, a sweatshirt and sweatpants for my rivals to think that I am an Internet player,” Jean-Marie Vandeborne “In this way they believe that bluffing more often.”

“Some players cheat and can manipulate each other’s assumptions by dressing in a certain way,” says Shorr.

The champion of a main event of the European Poker Tour (EPT) Main Event, Ben Wilinofsky, is a master of disguise.

“I try to dress up to look like I’m rich and stupid, although I’m really something rich and silly,” says Wilinofsky.

But it can go against professional players, especially if they are sponsored.

“One of the things that can affect the game of the rivals against me is that they do not know me but they see the patch of 888 and they deduce that I am a professional,” says the best online tournament player in the world, Chris Moorman.

Would you think of wearing a type of clothing or an accessory just to have an advantage at the table? Which and why?

The results of this question were more balanced with 60% saying that they would consider wearing clothes or accessories to have an advantage at the table.

World Poker Tour (WPT) Champions Club member Sean Jazayeri believes that wearing sunglasses gives him an advantage:

“The sunglasses can give you an advantage, and I wear them in the important tournaments to be able to observe people without knowing it,” Jazayeri tells us.

Ben Wilinofsky uses a scarf to take advantage.

“I wear a scarf so I can cover my mouth,” says Wilinofsky. “I’m not very good socially, so I’m more comfortable if I’m sure my expression is not showing anything.”

WPT Champions Club member, Matas Cimbolas, believes that wearing strange hats makes people speak to them and makes them feel more comfortable, which he uses to their advantage.

“I like to wear hats, and sometimes players like to talk about them with me when we play,” says Cimbolas.

Shannon Shorr also likes the idea of ​​wearing ridiculous hats or cap covers, and although the 888 ambassador Natalie Hof would not get dressed to kill, she does believe that some women get the upper hand over men with the right clothes.

“I would not, but I think that sexy clothes can affect some guys’ game against her,” says Hof.

Image result for clothes to wear when playing poker

Accessories and the rarest and worst dresses

Have you seen if certain clothes or accessories have changed the game in a negative way?

Only 30% believe that clothing or an accessory has negatively affected them.

Natalie Hof does not like to wear clothes that do not cover her neck and Chris Moorman does not like sunglasses.

“Many years ago I played with soI glasses, I read the table badly and it ended forever,” Moorman tells us.

Who is the worst dressed poker player you have ever met?

Jean-Marie Vandeborne believes that the prize for the worst-dressed poker player has to be handed out by Phil Hellmuth and Davidi Kitai, Natalie Hof does not like the style of Elky’s, but at least “he’s a nice boy”, and Ben Wilinofsky has clear who should go to ask advice to Dolce or Gabbana.

“I’m of the opinion that fashion is something personal, so being the worst dressed does not matter if you’re happy with your appearance,” Wilinofsky tells us before continuing, “but what you saw in poker is Dominik Nitsche” .

But none of our stars has sat at the table with a baby.

“The strangest thing I saw this summer in Las Vegas,” says Matas Cimbolas. “A guy was playing with a lying baby in a baby carrier in his gut.”

Image result for clothes to wear when playing poker

Prohibited clothing and accessories

What piece of clothing or accessory would you prohibit in poker and why?

Everyone is clear that covering the eyes or neck should be prohibited. Only one replied that he did not see it necessary to prohibit anything.

Two themes stood out.

1 Anything that covers the neck or head

60% would prohibit sunglasses and 20% would prohibit scarves and hoods. Most feel that anything that prevents the face of the opponent removes one of the most important parts of poker: the tells.

“Anything that covers the head is not good for the game,” says the winner of a stage of the United Kingdom & Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT), Ludovic Jonsen.

“I do not like sunglasses or scarves, anything that covers my face,” says WSOP November Nine and tournament director Kenny Hallaert. “I think that controlling emotions on the face is an important skill to play at. poker so it should not be covered during the game. “

888 Ambassador Chris Moorman and American Shannon Shorr agree with Hallaert.

“Sunglasses ruin the purity of the game,” says Moorman.

“It would prohibit sunglasses to avoid the paripé of certain players when they are removed and put them on during the hand,” says Shorr.

2 Anything that reduces socialization

Sean Jazayeri believes that phones and headsets should be banned to get more socialized. And the winner of a stage of the World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOPC), John Eames, would also like to prohibit the headphones to people to talk more with each other and the game was more relaxed and fun.


How to dress at a final table

Do you think that players should make an effort when dressing at a final table and why?

70% believe that they should wear more when they reach a final table because it can attract more recreational players. But there were discordant voices.

“Players do not play for the industry, they play for themselves,” says Jean-Marie Vandeborne. “The only thing that matters is to be relaxed, so I think they have to make no effort to improve their appearance.”

“There was a time when I thought the players should make an effort to dress smartly at the final tables,” Shannon Shorr tells us. “Today, I think players should dress as they please, and in the way they want to. make more happy One of the attractions of poker is that anyone can play and that there is no dress code. “

Are poker players superstitious?

Do you have any superstitions regarding clothes or accessories?

I guess poker players are not superstitious.

Only three players admit having or having had superstitions, and two have ceased to have them. Ludovic Jonsen used to wear a lucky sweatshirt, Natalie Hof a ring from his mother and Ben Wilinofsky is the only one who continues his superstition to this day. But I’m sure her rivals do not like it very much if she continues with her.

“I still wear the same underwear as when I won the EPT in Berlin,” Wilinofsky tells us.

Politics and religion in poker

Should people carry political or religious slogans at the poker table?

This question divided the opinions. The few who agreed were limited to not being offensive. But most, regardless of their ideas, said it was impossible for the tournament director to regulate it and create problems and inconsistency between the different circuits.

“I am convinced that political or religious slogans in clothes can offend others and create problems among players, who come from all over the world have different opinions, religions and thoughts,” says Matas Cimbolas. very well regulated by tournament directors. “

“Yes. People can wear slogans on their clothes,” says Shannon Shorr. “I repeat, one of the attractions of poker is that you do not have a boss who tells you what you should or should not wear. To regulate it would be complicated. “

Kenny Hallaert is tournament director and does not like the idea.

“As a tournament organizer, I would not allow it. Religion and politics have nothing to do with poker, and if people want to express something, there are other ways to do it. “

Chris Moorman commented something interesting.

“People can do whatever they want, but they have to be prepared for the questions, discussions and negative reactions of others.”

Image result for clothes to wear when playing poker

Clothing sponsored or with logos

Would you wear clothes with the brand of a room on the poker table?

Only John Eames was against wearing clothes from a poker room at the tables.

“You would be a puppet,” says Eames.

The rest of the players do not agree. But with some discrepancies, mainly for the money, and because some would only take the clothes of the room if they fit well and if they like the brand.

“I would take anything on the table if it’s something I support or believe in,” says Shannon Shorr before continuing, “or if they paid me enough.”

What clothes or accessories make it difficult for you to read your rival?

Again, sunglasses, scarves and hoods that appear when we ask our professionals what piece of clothing or what accessory it is difficult to read to rivals.

Only Ludovic Jonsen said something different .

“It would be difficult to read a Gothic player,” says Jonsen.

We’re not going to find Superman shirts or players dressed in white in that game.

Thanks to Sean Jazayeri, Ludovic Jonsen, Jean-Marie Vandeborne, Ben Wilinofsky, Kenny Hallaert, John Eames, Matas Cimbolas, Natalie Hof, Shannon Shorr, and Chris Moorman for their help in this article.


SNAP Poker – Differences with standard tables.

Image result for snap pokerI have half an hour to play poker. I open the lobby and I’m looking for a table, in such a short time I can not play a tournament, so I’m going to look for some cash. I feel and I see that everything is very slow, that I will play 30 hands as much, and of them I will enter 10 if I am lucky with the cards. But it can happen that I have to throw away the 30 hands that they give me, either because the cards are bad or because the situation forces me to throw the cards. This is very boring, or I have a couple of hours, or I’m not going to sit and play.

I have half an hour to play poker. I open the lobby and I enter SNAP . I sign up to the level I want and they begin to distribute hands without stopping. Every time I shoot, I appear at a new table and play a new hand. In the half hour that I have been playing I have been dealt more than 100 hands. So it’s cool to spend a lot playing poker. If I have a lot of time I sign up for a couple of tournaments, if not, I feel like playing SNAP.

SNAP. Is there any difference with the normal tables?

Of course there is a difference. Although if you isolate a hand, everything is the same. Button, small blind, big blind, each speaks in order, flop, turn, river, showdown … Each hand is identical to the one you can play on a standard table.

But there are two important differences that we will have to take into account to adapt our game.

The first and most clear is that in each hand we will find different rivals. If in the standard tables we could go studying the game of the rivals and adapt ourselves; Now it’s going to be more difficult. The rivals will change in each hand, and we will not see the end of most of the hands, so we will not know which cards the rivals play and it will take much longer to know the trends of them.

The second is that the boredom factor disappears. When we receive a new hand as soon as we throw our cards, we will not reach that moment when we play a couple of bad cards because we are bored and we have not played for a long time.

Let’s see how we can adapt to these differences offered by SNAP Poker.

Different rivals in each hand

Meeting different rivals in each hand has its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is that if our standard game is good we will do better than the rivals who base their game on adapting to the opponent. It’s time to play correctly, make the right bets, play the right cards, draw value from the hands (see our poker values section), reduce the frequency of the bluffs.

Although it is going to be complicated that we get to see trends in the rivals, because we will not see almost the end of the hands and we will have many different rivals to focus on; If we see any trend in any of the rivals, we must take note of it, because the times we meet the opponent we have identified, we can take advantage, because in SNAP Poker players change their style of play less. The few notes we have will have a lot of value.

Much more action

Receiving a new hand at the moment you just throw away two cards that you do not like, avoid the temptation to play bad hands. This means that at SNAP Poker tables, when players enter the pot, they will have a higher than usual hand. In the normal tables when a player has not received a playable hand for a while, he begins to change his perception of reality and his desire to play a card causes him to give the hand that has received a higher value than the real one.

This does not mean that in SNAP only people with strong hands play. There will be players who will adapt to the format and start to steal blinds with mediocre hands. These are the ones you have to identify, to get more revenue from these tables.

Strategy for beginners

Taking these two points into account, we can prepare a strategy to face our first steps in SNAP Poker.

The main thing will be to steal the blinds. This is going to be our food. We will steal the blinds as soon as we have a medium playable hand, especially in the last two positions and in the small blind. A raise to three times the blind and if they pay us, we attack the flop with a continuation bet. This will be our main field of work. Most of the hands that we are playing will be in this scenario, so you have to master it.

If we have a player labeled as a blind robber, when we see that he has gone up, we will tend to re-raise him with the hands that we consider playable, since he will not normally put up much resistance. The usual thing is that he has a mediocre hand with which he only intended to take the blinds.

If we do not know anything about the player who climbs, then, as long as we have position and more than twenty times the value of his effective stack raise, we will pay him with speculative hands like small pairs and color connectors. Considering during the rest of the hand that the opponent carries some strong cards.

Finally, if we are on the flop without the initiative, we can pay the opponent’s bet whenever we have some kind of equity in it. It is worth to us with two superior cards or a tripona ladder, even with double semiproject of color and ladder. The objective is to steal the pot if he does not bet again on the turn, and if by chance we get ours, take a good pot if the opponent has a high pair.


By not getting bored, bad players will throw their worst hands, which are the J2s type and similar. But they will continue making mistakes, that if we can avoid them they will make us earn money. Playing without position mediocre cards, not using the correct size of bets, not taking the maximum benefit from good hands, etc.

If we avoid these basic mistakes and play a solid poker, adding these small adaptations to SNAP Poker, we will have a game superior to the rivals, and as we play more hands per hour, we will have greater benefits.

Enter our application and try SNAP Poker. You will see how you will choose it on the normal tables. More action, more speed, more emotion.

SuperSeries 2017 en

SuperSeries 2017

Image result for poker superseries

If you are an online poker player, you have to see how you take vacations in your job from January 21 to February 6. So it looks like this Christmas is going to play double shift to get enough free days to play the 17 days of tournament in full physical and psychic conditions for supersets .


And why do I have to play the SuperSeries if I have tournaments every day at

It is true that every day there are good tournaments at, but during these 17 days you will have excellent tournaments, with guaranteed ones amounting to € 600,000. So if you want to take prizes much larger than usual, you have to participate in these series.

For example, the Great Sunday goes from the guaranteed 20,000 to the double, € 40,000 guaranteed. The Great Tuesday rises to € 15,000. And to close the series, the main tournament guarantees € 100,000.

And there will be different types of tournaments: Freezeout, Turbo, Hysterical, 6-max, Snap … Tournaments for all tastes with much higher prizes than usual.

But, to reach the guaranteed € 600,000, buy-ins will be high.

How can you think that? At we have always taken into account the amateur player who does not want to pay a lot of money for the tournaments and in addition to having many satellites for all the events, there are tons with really cheap tickets. I give you some examples:

  • The weekly MEGA on Sundays with € 6,000 guaranteed for only € 3 entry.
  • The Mini Hysterical with € 3,000 guaranteed, also for € 3 entry.
  • The mini Gran Domingo increases to € 10,000 its guaranteed for only € 12 entry.

Of the 69 tournaments that have the series, only 12 have a three-digit entry cost, that is, € 100 or more.

Also, as always, at we will have freerolls where you can win tickets to all the SuperSeries events without costing you anything.
Every day you will have freerolls with seats to play the SuperSeries. You will receive 3 tickets in your account and you can get more by completing the challenges presented by

Image result for poker superseries

And if I can not take a vacation, do I run out of playing them?

Well, no. Tournament schedules are adapted to most jobs. From Monday to Friday they start between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. and on Sundays, where most people have free, the first tournament is at 2:45 p.m., so you even have time to eat quietly before to play.

I’m looking at the buy-in, and if I play all the tournaments it costs me more than € 3,000 in tickets.

That’s if you play the 69 tournaments during the 17 days. But the series of tournaments is made so that there are events for all tastes, I do not think anyone sticks that incredible beating. And those who stick it, will go to prizes in several of them, so it is almost impossible that they do not have a good result that makes them finish the series positive.

What do you think is a good plan for these SuperSeries?

Study seriously the calendar and prepare an agenda with the tournaments that interest us, looking at timetables, entry price and estimated duration to be able to have enough time to rest.

If you have those days off and can dedicate exclusively to play, you can participate in more events. But if you have to work in the morning at a regular office time, try to play the ones that start earlier, so that you do not end up too late and give yourself a day off to get enough sleep.

Keep in mind that the most spectacular days are on Sundays and that is when you have to have everything ready to spend the entire evening in front of the computer playing, with those five minutes in each hour of rest.

Do not miss the SuperSeries 2017?

It is a great opportunity to increase your bankroll. If you make a smart game plan, you can take advantage of the big guaranteed to get important prizes. And in addition, with the large participation that the tournaments will have, it is much easier to enter prize places.

Mark your agenda these days and get ready to start the year with the best series of tournaments: The SuperSeries 2017.


SNAP arrives. The fastest poker.

Image result for pokerAre you bored to see that rivals take a long time to decide? Would you like to stop waiting for the rivals to finish the hand when you have already thrown your cards? Would not it be great that when you finish one hand you can start immediately with another?

SNAP Poker

Your wishes have become reality. We present SNAP Poker, the fastest poker mode. Hundreds of hands per hour. But do not be scared, you do not have to learn anything new. It’s Texas Hold’em without limit (link to NLH page in, the same game you know, but with a small variety.

Immediate change of table

Whether playing tournaments or cash games, in SNAP Poker, when you pull your hand, you immediately appear at another table with new players. Even if you already know that you are going to throw away before the rivals act, you have the Immediate Withdrawal button, with which you immediately drop and appear at a new table.

How does it work


In our application you will see a tab that says SNAP, by clicking there you will have access to the SNAP window with cash games and tournaments.


You can select cash games or tournaments. Let’s start with the cash.

SNAP Poker cash games

In cash games, unlike normal games, you do not play at a single table; You are within the group of players that want to play SNAP. So, at your table, any of the players that are in this group can appear.

Once you join the group, and you select the amount of money you want to play with, you will be seated at a table.

From there everything is the same as any online cash table. There are blinds, buttons, you can bet, withdraw, raise, pay … The only difference is that when you withdraw from a hand, they change your table immediately, you do not have to wait for the hand to end. At the same time you press the fold button, you will appear at a new table with new rivals that you will have to face.

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SNAP Poker Tournaments

In the tournaments everything is more like a normal tournament, because you are used to being changed. But in this case, the table changes are continuous. You’ll jump from one table to another every time you finish a hand, or hit the fold button.

Obviously, when the final table is reached, there will be no more table changes, and it will be played like any other tournament.

And do not worry if you like to play tournaments, that all tournament information is available. You can see the chips of each of the rivals, the structure of the event, tournament average, prizes, etc.

The Immediate Withdrawal button

The Immediate Withdrawal button

This is probably the most interesting option. They give you two disastrous cards, which you already know you’re not going to play. And you see how the rivals are taking a long time to act. And you want to throw yourself away and not have to wait for those slow rivals to act. So you click on the “Immediate withdrawal” button. This causes two things to happen at the same time, depending on the point of view of the play you have.

From your point of view, you go to a new table with new rivals where you start a new hand. If you are playing a tournament, you will start the hand with the corresponding blinds and if it is a cash game they will follow the same blinds and you will carry the same stack.

From the point of view of the rivals. Nothing. The rivals do not know if you have thrown or are waiting to climb. Nothing will happen at the table until your turn arrives. At that moment, it is when, in the eyes of the rivals at the table, you withdraw from your hand.

The Retreat button and look

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And if you like to know what happens at the table. You do not have to stay waiting. The “Retreat and look” button makes you open a new table where you keep playing, but the table where you are is not closed, it stays open so you can see the result of the hand.

As you can see, it is the best option to throw a few hands of Texas Hold’em in those days that you do not have much time and do not want to be waiting for the rest of the players to act.

Take control of your game and do not depend on others. Play SNAP Poker.

Mathematics and poker. First steps.

Mathematics? But this is poker. This is for fun and I’m going to have to go to school to study math. But is it essential? If I have been playing for a long time and I have not had to use them. This is luck, you go with the good ones, if your desires fall and if the ones of the others fall, you lose, but as you go with good ones, you will win more times.

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Many of you will be thinking this. And the truth is that it is not very attractive to start studying mathematics to play poker; but a minimum must be known and it is so minimal that it is embarrassing to call it mathematics. It is adding and multiplying, nothing more.


Mathematics and poker. First steps.

All the games in which chance intervenes can be explained with mathematics, and poker is no less. If you get to know how chance influences poker and how we can control it, we will be better than rivals who ignore this data.


The first step you are going to take is to calculate if you have to pay an all-in on the turn, when there is only one card remaining.


The table of 2

If you know how to multiply by two, you have everything done. You do not have to know more math to decide if you’re going to pay an all-in on the turn.

When the opponent makes a bet that is all-in, it does not matter if they are all your chips or all of the opponent’s; You will have to calculate the percentage of times you will win the hand, to know if you are going to take a correct amount of chips when you get a better hand than the opponent.

The calculation is simple, of all the cards that are left in the deck, there will be some that make you win the hand and others that make you lose it. I’ll give an example so you can see it clearly:

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You have A ♠ Q ♠ in your hands and the community ones are K ♠ 8 ♠ 3 ♥ 2 ♦. You have maximum project of color, if in the river a pica leaves, it is almost sure that you are going to win the hand.

If you have two spades in your hand and there are two spades on the table, there are four spades that can not appear on the river. Since each suit has thirteen cards, there are nine spades in the deck that if they appear on the river, will make you the winner of the hand. In the deck there are 52 cards, you have two and there are four on the table, so you do not know where the 46 missing cards are.

So from 46 cards, they’re worth 9. This means that your cards have almost a 20% chance of appearing on the river.

But there is a simpler way to calculate this. If you keep in mind that each card has a little more than 2% chance of being the one that comes out on the river; you can multiply by two the number of cards that you consider that make you the winner of the hand and so you have the percentage of times we will take the hand.


And what is the use of knowing that we are going to win the hand 20% of the time?

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Pot Odds

Now we have to see what benefit you are going to get with your bet. When you pay a bet you do it hoping to take the boat.

Imagine you are on the turn with a pot of 1,000 points and the opponent goes all-in for 500 points. It’s your turn, no one else is in your hand. If you throw the opponent takes the pot and ends the hand. If you pay, the river comes out and the one with the best hand takes the pot. You are risking 500 points (the ones you have to pay) to win 1,500 (1,000 in the pot plus 500 that the opponent bets).

This is a pot odds of 500 to 1,500, which you can simplify and stay in 1 to 3. It means that you are risking one to win three, so with winning one out of four times this situation is repeated, you will have a positive balance.

You always have to think long term, think that you will be presented with a multitude of similar situations and that if you act correctly you will have benefits. If this situation were repeated, you would need to win one out of four times to recover the bet. Every four times, three of them would lose 500 points and the fourth would gain 1,500 points so you would be at peace. If you could win more times, you would have benefits; On the contrary, if you win less than one every four times, you would have losses.


If you put the two concepts together, you can easily calculate whether a bet is profitable or not. In the example we have put, you would get color, and you would win the hand, 20% of the time, or what is the same 20 out of 100 times. This can be expressed in odds such as 20 to 80. In one hundred percent of the cases, you win in 20 and in the other 80 you lose. If you simplify, you would have odds of 1 to 4.

So you have odds, or odds of winning the hand, from 1 to 4, then you need the pot to have better pot odds from 1 to 4 so that it is profitable to pay the bet.

In this case, the pot gives pot odds from 1 to 3, which are odds worse than the times you will win the hand (1 to 4). If you repeat this move for a considerable number of times, you will lose 500 points four out of five times (the times you pay the 500 points and the color does not come out) and the time you win you will only take 1,500 chips (the chips of the pot plus the opponent’s bet), so in summary you will lose 500 points every five hands, meaning that this bet is costing you 100 points each time you do it.


In summary

To know if you must pay a bet on the turn, you have to calculate how many times you will win the hand and compare them to the pot you can win. If the benefit of the pot compensates for the times you are going to lose your hand, you are interested in paying the bet, otherwise you will have to throw yourself away.

Remember that the pot you win in proportion to your bet must be greater than the odds you have of winning the hand.

This is the simplest case for calculating odds and pot odds. If you want to continue learning, do not miss the following deliveries. And, as always, practice at, without practice there is no improvement.

Advanced poker strategy of the pros – Peters against Rast

The 2016 Holdem poker Super High Roller Bowl held at the ARIA in Las Vegas brought together 49 players who put $ 300,000 each to try to win the $ 5,000,000 grand prize and one of the most prestigious poker titles . As the action was filmed to be broadcast by NBC Sports, at 888poker we believed that it would be fun not only to identify the best hands, but to offer an analysis of them by professionals.

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In this hand, which took place in the second episode of the 2016 SHRB, David Peters got his rival, Brian Rast, to pay him with a high king. How did he get it? The same Peters tells us.

The situation

At the beginning of the tournament with the blinds at 4,000 / 8,000 (1,000), with six players at the table, Rast, who had 373,000 goes up to 18,000 from the button with K ♥ 5 ♦. Peters, with a stack of 317,000, defended the blind with 8 ♥ 4 ♠.


“A very good odds against a wide range, so I decided to defend,” says Peters.


Stealing the blinds is common in poker tournaments, and one of the best times is from the button, when everyone has thrown. This is because the button is the last to act and we all know of the capital importance of the position. However, as everyone is aware that people like to steal from the button, they do not usually give much credit. They can be stealing with any hand, a wide range of opening from the button.


When the flop comes 3 ♠ 3 ♥ 8 ♣, Peters passes with a maximum pair, and Rast, who had won the first Super High Roller Bowl just the year before, also passed.


“On the flop, I’m going to almost always go with those community teams,” Peters tells us. “If I had bet Rast, I would have paid.”

The turn and the river

After they got the 6 ♣ on the turn, Peters bet face 27,000 and Rast called. When the 8 ♠ comes on the river, Peters, with his full, returns to bet 150,000 in a boat of 100,000, leaving 121,000 behind.

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“On the river, I see all the bluffs that my range has, and with so many combos of 5-4, 7-5, 9-7, T-9, color projects, and some bluff on the turn, there’s a lot of bluffing hands I can have, “explains Peters. “So I decide to make a very big bet to get the most value out. Also, that size gives me more fold equity when I have one of those bluffs, so I swing my range. “


As you can see, Peters was not thinking about the hand he had, but about the possible hands of his rival. Instead of betting little to get paid, Peters puts himself in Rast’s shoes. He realizes that Rast has an ace or a king and that he can put him on a failed project and pay.


With that reasoning, you just had to find the right amount.


Rast thought for a long time before paying with his high king at a table with doubles.


“His call on the river is reasonable,” Peters tells us. “Rey Rey is not much worse than any couple in this situation and he has to think that I can hardly play an ace this way or something but that a tall couple,” says Peters of Rast’s call. “As I have defended preflop, you can assume that I have the full or a failed project that has no showdown value, making your high king good. I’m sure he did not like having a five in his hand because he blocked a part of my lanterns, but it’s a complicated situation with many possible failed lanterns. “


Unfortunately, this hand had no effect on the tournament because neither of the two players entered prizes. However, Peters’ play is a sample of how the pros play. If there is someone to learn from, it is Peters who won 7,271,415 in 2016 and finished as player of the year 2016 in the Global Poker Index.


We will continue counting interesting hands of SHRB 2016, directly from the pros.

Play Texas Hold ’em better. The big blind

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The big blind

You are the one who puts the most points into play without even seeing the cards, what can be good about this?

This is poker, and in poker you have to look for the possible advantages that we can have in each of the situations to see if it is worth taking advantage of them or not. Because you’re big blind with a couple of disastrous cards, you’re not going to give up. You have to talk the whole table before it is your turn, so before the community leaves, we will have the maximum information to make our decision. This is a good thing to be big blind.

The truth is that being the big blind is not good news, but you know that once per round you will be and many times they will be situations that will be repeated continuously. If you manage to handle them with solvency, you will have much won over the adversaries, however, if you vary your actions by specific results, in the long run, you will see the real result that will be quite negative.

Let’s see the two most common situations that you can find when you are in the big blind:

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1. One player climbs and the rest is thrown. Medium hand

This is one of the most common situations. You’re in the big blind, and some of the players go up, throwing the rest. You look at the cards and they are of type A9s, QJs or 44.

They are the typical hands with which you all like to pay to see the flop. What do you do?

Short stack (<10 blind)

Here it is clear. All the chips to the center immediately. If you pay, you have a hand that defends itself perfectly and you will earn a considerable percentage of the time.

In addition, the opponent is going to throw most of the time making you take a minimum of 3 blinds, which considering your stack at this time, is not bad.

Stack medium (15 – 30 blinds)

You are in the middle of a tournament with a chip count that is approximately the average, something up or something down. This amount of chips is the most complicated since any false move is going to make you commit an important part of your stack and you will not be able to throw yourself. There is nothing that you like less than to appear with all your chips in the middle with a mediocre hand.

So with this stack you have to select which hands you are going to play with, and the middle hands are not going to be worth it. So, unless you have some reason not to do so, cards to the deck and the next.

In the case that the small blind has been the one that has risen, you can ask yourself to pay with your speculative hand to see if the hand squares, but only because you will have the advantage of playing the hand with position.

Long Stack (More than 30 blinds)

Now we are in the most dangerous terrain, that of the deep stacks, and the bigger the stack, the more dangerous the hand will be. The middle hands without position are difficult to play. Keep in mind that attacking the pot will cost you about 12 blinds in total. Raise to 5 or 6 blinds plus the 6 blinds of the continuation bet. If you think it’s profitable, because you’ve seen that the opponent throws enough times, try it.

In the event that the rival that has risen is that of the small blind, the thing changes because you are the one in perfect position to

If not, as in the previous case, if the opponent who has risen is the small blind, you can pay, or re-raise, with your speculative hands planning to play the hand and take it to take advantage of your positional advantage.

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2. Several players limpean. Medium hand

Another very common case is when you are in the big blind and several players are limping. Your hand reaches you without going up, so you do not have to put chips if you want to see the flop. The first temptation when you have a middle hand, is to give the button to go and see the flop without spending more chips.

But you have to avoid that first thought. The first thing you have to analyze is the possibility of finishing the hand at that moment. If you think it is possible that with a raise the hand is finished and you take the chips that are in the center, that is the best option.

Account. Four limpers more blind small, plus your big blind are five and a half blinds; If you have less than 15 blinds left, apart from the one you have in the big one, going all-in will most of the time give you a benefit of more than a third of your stack. This is a reward that you are rarely going to have with a very small risk, because none of your rivals seems to have a strong hand.

If you have an average amount of chips, you have to settle for seeing the flop for free. You do not have chips to risk some with a raise. Just check and see if you’re lucky with the community.

In the case that you have a healthy stack, you can make a raise to try to finish the hand at that moment. If the movement goes wrong, you will not lose an important part of your chips, so it will be a good attempt to improve your stack.

These are the two most common situations you will encounter when you are in the big blind. They are the most common, so learn to defend yourself in them and see how they improve your results.

Top 3 Rules of Real Money Gaming


Image result for lotteryWAKE UP, SCUMBAGS! My first name is Drill and my last name is Sergeant. And just because you’ve been slacking off boot camp, doesn’t mean I’m gonna be nice to you, ladies! No, it’s not a term of endearment, maggots! Now, drop and give me twenty! No, not push-ups, that was yesterday. You’re doing burpees today!

You’ll be doing 40 burpees per minute while I give you the 5 rules of real money gaming and then, as you rest for a minute, you’ll be repeating them ad nauseam. READY! SET! GO! Faster, you worthless piece of scum! Did you know that military recruits were performing 41 burpees per minute back in 1946? You surely aren’t in worse shape than your frickin great-ghrandfathers, are you?

Rule 1: Grab the Best Welcome Bonus!

Anybody can sign up for a casino but picking one that offers an excellent welcome bonus with favourable conditions is not for fools. Don’t get hooked on the amount – getting a large sum of money is worthless if you don’t have the time to turn it over, for example – but rather use your grey matter and read the fine print. Yes, thinking hurts your brain but it will be good for your wallet in the long run, so get to it. Settle on a site that offers a good first deposit bonus but also a good selection of games that contribute to the wagering requirements and a good validity period.

Rule 2: Play Progressive Jackpot Slots!

Yes, dummy, I’m not gonna get tired of saying it! Pick a slot machine with a nice jackpot to play at! Cute moving pictures may be entertaining but fun and games don’t pay the bills. If it doesn’t have a heap of cash to offer, why waste your time on it? There sure are plenty of slot machines that do have life-changing jackpots in store for even a maggot like yourself. Don’t like slots? Don’t make me laugh! Suck it up at least till you’ve turned that bonus over the required number of times. Don’t you know slots have a 100% contribution to the playthrough requirements? What a fool would play a game with the measly 8% contribution then, huh?

Rule 3: Pick the Best Online Casino!

I’ve already mentioned that registering at a casino is easy – there’re practically hundreds of them – but picking a really good one takes a talent and an eye for detail. And then, there are the best online casino sites – those are the ones you want to play at, because there’s much more to it than just welcome bonuses. There’s safety and security, a variety of payment options and games, and many more points to consider. But don’t worry your heads too much or you’ll forget how to hold your rifle. I’ll make it easy for ya – play at 888 Casino, which was awarded the title “The Best Online Casino of the Year” by

I said I’d give you 5 rules but since you ain’t the smartest recruits around, I’ll keep it simple and stay with 3 rules for now. In that respect, you’re not dumber than a box of rocks – you’re dumber than the box the rocks came in. REREAT, PRIVATE!