ABC Poker: the basics

11 Dec

Poker is a game of deception and bluffing. It requires ability to be unpredictable, handle rivals, prepare traps and avoid danger. Anyway, between so much trap and dodge, you can get to forget the basics of poker, a game that is basically quite simple. The basic strategy of poker is … Read More »

How to dress to succeed in poker

11 Dec

The original idea of ​​the clothes was to use it to warm up. The primary purpose of clothing used to be to keep your pecker warm. But suddenly, the choice of your appearance became more important than the choice of food. Style was everything. The clothes became emblematic. The sex … Read More »

SuperSeries 2017 en

11 Dec

SuperSeries 2017 If you are an online poker player, you have to see how you take vacations in your job from January 21 to February 6. So it looks like this Christmas is going to play double shift to get enough free days to play the 17 days of tournament … Read More »

SNAP arrives. The fastest poker.

10 Dec

Are you bored to see that rivals take a long time to decide? Would you like to stop waiting for the rivals to finish the hand when you have already thrown your cards? Would not it be great that when you finish one hand you can start immediately with another? … Read More »