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If you are an online poker player, you have to see how you take vacations in your job from January 21 to February 6. So it looks like this Christmas is going to play double shift to get enough free days to play the 17 days of tournament in full physical and psychic conditions for supersets .

And why do I have to play the SuperSeries if I have tournaments every day at

It is true that every day there are good tournaments at, but during these 17 days you will have excellent tournaments, with guaranteed ones amounting to € 600,000. So if you want to take prizes much larger than usual, you have to participate in these series.

For example, the Great Sunday goes from the guaranteed 20,000 to the double, € 40,000 guaranteed. The Great Tuesday rises to € 15,000. And to close the series, the main tournament guarantees € 100,000.

And there will be different types of tournaments: Freezeout, Turbo, Hysterical, 6-max, Snap … Tournaments for all tastes with much higher prizes than usual.

But, to reach the guaranteed € 600,000, buy-ins will be high.

How can you think that? At we have always taken into account the amateur player who does not want to pay a lot of money for the tournaments and in addition to having many satellites for all the events, there are tons with really cheap tickets. I give you some examples:

  • The weekly MEGA on Sundays with € 6,000 guaranteed for only € 3 entry.
  • The Mini Hysterical with € 3,000 guaranteed, also for € 3 entry.
  • The mini Gran Domingo increases to € 10,000 its guaranteed for only € 12 entry.

Of the 69 tournaments that have the series, only 12 have a three-digit entry cost, that is, € 100 or more.

Also, as always, at we will have freerolls where you can win tickets to all the SuperSeries events without costing you anything.
Every day you will have freerolls with seats to play the SuperSeries. You will receive 3 tickets in your account and you can get more by completing the challenges presented by

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And if I can not take a vacation, do I run out of playing them?

Well, no. Tournament schedules are adapted to most jobs. From Monday to Friday they start between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. and on Sundays, where most people have free, the first tournament is at 2:45 p.m., so you even have time to eat quietly before to play.

I’m looking at the buy-in, and if I play all the tournaments it costs me more than € 3,000 in tickets.

That’s if you play the 69 tournaments during the 17 days. But the series of tournaments is made so that there are events for all tastes, I do not think anyone sticks that incredible beating. And those who stick it, will go to prizes in several of them, so it is almost impossible that they do not have a good result that makes them finish the series positive.

What do you think is a good plan for these SuperSeries?

Study seriously the calendar and prepare an agenda with the tournaments that interest us, looking at timetables, entry price and estimated duration to be able to have enough time to rest.

If you have those days off and can dedicate exclusively to play, you can participate in more events. But if you have to work in the morning at a regular office time, try to play the ones that start earlier, so that you do not end up too late and give yourself a day off to get enough sleep.

Keep in mind that the most spectacular days are on Sundays and that is when you have to have everything ready to spend the entire evening in front of the computer playing, with those five minutes in each hour of rest.

Do not miss the SuperSeries 2017?

It is a great opportunity to increase your bankroll. If you make a smart game plan, you can take advantage of the big guaranteed to get important prizes. And in addition, with the large participation that the tournaments will have, it is much easier to enter prize places.

Mark your agenda these days and get ready to start the year with the best series of tournaments: The SuperSeries 2017.

Paul Perkins

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